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About us

Common interest

We believe that through actively persuing a reasonable approach to business based on common interests with our customers and sharing benefits with our staff, we shall develop and strengthen our company and contribute to the progress and prosperity of our society.


We believe that growth of our business comes mainly from the creativity of our employees. We respect each individuals character and encourage an open and positive attitude.


To perform the role of a good internatiohal trader as a bridge matching demand with supply internationally, we shall establish a trustworthy relationship with our customers based on professional skill, knowledge, prompt and accurate information and enthusiastically provided responsible service.

Sound finance

Cash flow is the life blood of our business. There must be sufficient supply and proper circulation to secure the healthy and sound financial position of our company .


Merely maintaining standards and relying on our achievements means stagnation. We must always be able to see the opportunity in change to make our company long lasting and stable.

Shenger Logo

The three "" represents the merger of three businesses (Chentai Investment, Shenger Equipment and Cenhon Trading). Green represents healthy, open, and progressive; black represent.s enthusiasm, tolerance and "harmony precious" spirit.

Shenger Man
  • Promotes mutual understanding, trust, appreciation and carries the spirit of "Noble Harmony".
  • Believes in the "Power of Positive Thinking" , creativity and diligent planning to develop with entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Services to customer and responsible to society.

Our economic environment continues to change dramatically. We shall take this challenge as an opportunity to progress and develop Shenger further together with our customers, emploees and suppliers.